The Sweetest Spell

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The Sweetest Spell by Suzanne Selfors

Emmeline Thistle was born with two strikes against her-she's a dirt-scratcher. the lowest ranking in the kingdom of Anglund and she has a malformed foot. On the evening of her birth she is abandoned at the forest's edge to meet her death. But a mysterious twist of fate intervenes as four cows pass by and take notice of her. And with their protection, the girl who was cast aside, lives.Owen Oak is a dairyman's son who seeks adventure in the barefist fighting ring. Bored with farm life and wanting nothing more to do with the flirtatious milkmaids and their hopes of marriage, he is eager for something new. One day he discovers a young woman washed upon the river bank, half-dead and clearly a dirt-scratcher. Despite her lowly status, the Oak family takes pity and under their care, Emmeline discovers that she can conjure something that is more precious than jewels or gold. As word spreads, Emmeline goes from being the most unwanted girl in the kingdom to being the most wanted. Romance and magic entwine in this ugly duckling fairy tale perfect for fans of The Princess Bride.

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Selfors, Suzanne