Kristin Hannah & Megan Chance



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April 28th, 7pm

Location: Jewel Box Theatre, 225 NE Iverson Street, Poulsbo, WA

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After you have added your ticket(s) to your cart and you have proceeded to the Checkout Page, you will find a "Notes" section. This is where  you can tell us which of our author's novels you would like to be included with your ticket. There are Six to choose from, listed below.

#1: A Dangerous Education - by Megan Chance. Her latest novel takes place in a 1950s Seattle boarding school for wayward girls. A powerful tale of mothers and daughters and painful choices.

#2: A Splendid Ruin - by Megan Chance. This gothic historical is set in 1900s San Francisco, before and after the great earthquake. A poor, orphaned woman is sent to live with her wealthy relatives and is thrown into a  dangerous and dark socialite world of betrayal and revenge.

#3: The Four Winds - by Kristin Hannah. Set in Texas, 1934, life is desperate for Elsa and her family. Will she fight for the land she loves or leave it and go west? 

#4: Nightingale - by Kristin Hannah. World War II, Paris.

#5: The Great Alone - by Kristin Hannah. Alaska, 1974.

#6: Firefly Lane - by Kristin Hannah. A friendship between two women that lasts throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

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Price: $32.00