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SMASHING THE PATRIARCHY – Viking Style! WOMAN. WARRIOR. VIKING. HEATHEN. OUTCAST. THE GODS MUST PAY… Born into a time of warfare, suffering, and subjugation of women, and exiled from her village for kissing another woman, the lesbian Viking warrior, Aydis, sets out to destroy the god-king Odin and end his oppressive reign. She is a friend to many as she is joined by mermaids, immortals, Valkyries, and the talking horse, Saga. But she is also a fearsome enemy to the demons and fantastic monsters that populate the land. Heathen – The Complete Series trade paperback collects the entire best-selling, critically-acclaimed twelve-issue series.The hit series was featured in The Hollywood Reporter, Bitch Media, and The AV Club and is a soon-to-be movie directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight,Red Riding Hood, Lords of Dogtown). Perfect for fans of Monstress, Helheim, and Northlanders. “These declarations of self from women and queer characters fit so elegantly into the mythology Alterici uses to weave her tale, it reminds us that these narratives belonged there all along.” - The Mary Sue