Your cash donation will help fund one of the following literacy projects;

       On the Checkout Page please let us know which of these organizations you wish to receive your donation, or we can choose on your behalf.

# Books for Headstart.

      Your donation of any amount will purchase books for the kids in Kitsap Community Services Headstart program. These books will be used in their lessons, and students get to keep the books.

# Books for Incarcerated Women.

      Working with the librarians at the Women's Correctional Facility in Gig Harbor Washington, your cash donation of any amount will go towards purchasing books on their reading list. We accept cash donations only. Used books are not accepted by the Correctional Center. 

# Poulsbo's Fishline/Helpline

      Your donation will be used for either a holiday or birthday gift through the Fishline/Helpline program.    

#Kitsap Immigration Services

        Donations will go towards buying bilingual books for local immigrant families.