Teacher Secrets Every Educator Must Know to Empower Students in a Diverse, Digital World (Paperback)

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Do you have students who need extra social and emotional help? Do you want to reach Black, Brown, and other traumatized students living in poverty? Do you want to inspire your most underperforming students to succeed in school? THEN GET THIS BOOK Reflecting on how educators helped him overcome his challenging background of growing up in poverty amidst gang violence in Long Beach, California, in an unstable home with abuse, alcoholism, and drug addiction; thinking critically about his dissertation research on Intercultural Competence; and, most importantly, examining his 20+ years of working with students in 49 states over the last 20+ years, Manny Scott teaches you 40 secrets -principles and strategies- to reach, teach, and empower even your most underperforming students in a diverse, digital world. You will learn: *Proven principles, strategies, frameworks, and understand why they are effective.*Specific tactics you can use with your students.*Real-life examples and case studies of how the principles, strategies, and tactics have worked with real students.You will also learn how to: *Develop in-depth understandings of your students across cultural, racial, political, and religious lines.*Develop awareness of how you have culturally been shaped in order to understand how your students, parents, and colleagues might misunderstand you.*Design and teach lessons that capture and keep the attention of even your most difficult, disengaged students.*Persuade your students to take proactive steps to take responsibility for their success, improve their grades and the overall quality of their lives.*Create an entire curriculum customized to your students.*And much more You can see over 100 video testimonials on Manny Scott's Youtube channel from superintendents, principals, and teachers who confirm the power of the secrets shared in this book. Don't wait until it's too late to reach your struggling students. Get Teacher Secrets toda.

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ISBN: 9798719591902
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 9th, 2021
Pages: 374
Language: English