Relics of Eternity (Paperback)

Relics of Eternity By Glynn Stewart Cover Image

Relics of Eternity (Paperback)


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The edge of Imperial expansion

Far from Earth and the other homeworlds

Here lie the secrets of ancient gods

Here...there be dragons

Seeking to escape the shadow of Annette Bond's success, Captain Morgan Casimir has taken a posting on the far side of the A Tol Imperium. Here she hopes to begin a legend for herself that stands apart from her stepmother, the Duchess.

A chance encounter introduces her to the xenoarcheologist Rin Dunst-and to the strange mystery cult that tried to silence him. There are darker secrets in these stars than the A Tol and their human allies ever guessed...and if they can't find answers, the Precursors' mistakes might yet destroy the galaxy.


Product Details ISBN: 9781989674062
ISBN-10: 1989674062
Publisher: Faolan's Pen Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: April 14th, 2020
Pages: 376
Language: English