When the Kingdom Comes: From Global Chaos to Eden (Hardcover)

When the Kingdom Comes: From Global Chaos to Eden By Harry M. Phillips Cover Image

When the Kingdom Comes: From Global Chaos to Eden (Hardcover)


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The return of Jesus and the coming of his kingdom will mark a pivotal point in human history. For Christians, it will also mark the beginning of their immortality. Here in this book lie the answers to the question of what we will be doing for the first one thousand years of our eternal existence. You are invited to take a personal journey and discover your destiny and first steps into that future-not in heaven but here on the earth with Jesus during his millennial reign.

When the Kingdom Comes is the first book to thoughtfully and accurately detail the future of Christians, commencing with the Rapture and ending with the consummation of the Millennial Kingdom. It brings into sharp focus three things: the beginning of eternity for the believer, the continuation of humanity and its history, and the actual physical presence of Jesus for one thousand years. All three of these things are related through Scripture as happening in connection with the earth.

For most Christians, the idea of eternity brings with it the anticipation of heaven and its unimaginable wonder. Just as the church age was an unforeseen event to the disciples of Jesus, so, too, the reality of the millennial kingdom seems to be an inconsequential if not unforeseen event for Christians today. By starting with common conceptions and sometimes misconceptions of heaven, the reader is presented with a careful and thoughtful challenge from Scripture about his or her assumptions of eternity in contrast to our place in Jesus's kingdom on earth. In this way, a wonderful and mysterious door is opened, not unlike Dorothy stepping into the land of Oz, as the realities of the kingdom of Jesus and the believer's likely experiences in it are brought to light.

Harry Phillips is a self-employed businessman, automotive designer, street rod manufacturer, and now an author. Finding an audience interested in his offbeat viewpoint led Harry to consider writing, and his flair for writing was revealed while penning a yearlong series of articles for Northern/Southern Rodder magazine entitled "Hot Rod Harry Speaks." Even though antique and custom cars were his day job, his real interest was studying Scripture. His unbridled passion for the Bible and his unrelenting search for divine truth have spanned nearly a half century, ultimately producing When the Kingdom Comes, which presents the answers to what Christians will be doing in the next one thousand years. In true entrepreneurial fashion, Harry has combined his interest in writing with knowledge gleaned from lifelong biblical studies. Phillips was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and he now resides in Amherst, Ohio.

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Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication Date: May 15th, 2018
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