The Book of Invasions (Paperback)

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The Book of Invasions (Paperback)


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The Book of Invasions is a globe-spanning adventure, a romp through history and mythology, a grudging love story, and an all-in battle against an evil hidden in plain sight. The world is stunned by the inexplicable murder of a dozen climate scientists at a remote research station in Greenland. When twenty-six-year-old Ricky Crowe, sister of a slain researcher, unexpectedly comes into possession of a parchment map found in Greenland's 5,000-year-old ice, she attempts to set aside the demons of her own grief and alcoholism-and a terrifying past that has left her with an eight-inch facial scar-in order to determine whether the map holds a key to her sister's fate. Bringing it to experts at the foundation that funded her sister's research, she sets in motion a race with her new allies to unravel puzzles hidden in tombs in Egypt and Ireland, and in an obscure book of Celtic myth-The Book of Invasions-before the secrets are lost to the ruthless cult that has searched relentlessly for the world-changing evil the map promises since before the pyramids were built.

Product Details ISBN: 9781957851020
ISBN-10: 1957851023
Publisher: Penmore Press LLC
Publication Date: April 28th, 2022
Pages: 474
Language: English