Therapy for the Sane: How Philosophy Can Change Your Life (Paperback)

Therapy for the Sane: How Philosophy Can Change Your Life By Lou Marinoff Cover Image

Therapy for the Sane: How Philosophy Can Change Your Life (Paperback)


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"Lou Marinoff is a fellow pilgrim, always ready to tell the story that hasn't been told, always ready to take the risks that haven't been taken."
- Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist

"Lou Marinoff is a lively writer who boldly tramples on the constraints of political correctness. In an age filled with too many glib how-to books, Therapy for the Sane is instead a timely and thought-provoking exposition on how the wisdom of the great philosophers can help those wrestling with the big questions of life. This is therapy for the thoughtful."
- Arlene Getz, Newsweek

"Guiding the reader through the finest work of the human mind, Lou Marinoff shows that problems of relationship health and general dissatisfaction can be solved by realizing some of our latent human potentialities. Problem-solving then becomes an uplifting adventure."
- Laura Huxley
, author of This Timeless Moment

"Lou Marinoff is one of the prime movers behind the contemporary phenomenon of philosophical counseling. Reading this book is like being a fly on the wall in his private sessions. In its pages, you'll see the range of pressing questions that bring people to his door, and you'll get a good taste of the interesting philosophical guidance he is able to give them."
- Tom Morris, Ph.D., author of The Art of Achievement

Professor Lou Marinoff's first book--Plato Not Prozac--drew on the wisdom of the great philosophers to solve our everyday problems, launching a global movement that restores philosophy to what it once was: useful in all walks of life. In this sequel, Therapy for the Sane, he takes the concept to the next level, applying centuries of philosophy and iconic literature to help answer central questions of modern and postmodern existence. Professor Marinoff uses case studies from his philosophical counseling practice to show how wisdom from immortal thinkers can help us define our own philosophy, and thereby reclaim our sense of well-being. He asks and answers questions that go to the heart of the human condition: How do we know what is right? What is love? How can we cope with change? Why can't we all get along?

Lou Marinoff is a professor of philosophy at The City College of New York, and an internationally best-selling author. He helps individuals, groups and organizations manage everyday problems, applying wisdom drawn from Western and Asian traditions alike. The New York Times called him "the world's most successful marketer of philosophical counseling." Lou's insights are guaranteed to be thought-provoking if not life-changing. His hobbies include tennis, classical guitar, and nature photography. He is also a former Canadian and US table hockey champion, and an ambassador of the sport.

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