The Hard Side of the Moon (Hardcover)

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The Hard Side of the Moon (Hardcover)


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In southern Alberta in the late 1970s, Matthew Bishop has a pretty decent life. Sure, he doesn't have a girlfriend, but he has all the science fiction books a monthly mail order subscription can bring him, a collection of Canadian synth rock on vinyl, and a gig with the university radio station with which to share them.

But things take a turn for the majorly uncool when his commie best friend is assaulted by The Man, a high school hobby becomes a city-wide political statement, and his mom is set to marry the World's Biggest Tool and leave him homeless. What's a slacker majoring in f***-all to do?

Well, it could be worse. At least he isn't imprisoned in an extraterrestrial slave labour camp... right?

Product Details ISBN: 9781928011545
ISBN-10: 1928011543
Publisher: Brain Lag
Publication Date: September 10th, 2021
Pages: 406
Language: English