Raised Bed Gardening: Timeless Gardening Tips For Growing Healthy Plants: Horticulture & Permaculture (Paperback)

Raised Bed Gardening: Timeless Gardening Tips For Growing Healthy Plants: Horticulture & Permaculture Cover Image
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Are you thinking about building a garden, but you don't have the time, space, or inclination to till up a patch of open ground? Maybe you've always wanted to grow fresh, healthy food or beautiful flowers at home, but you've got mobility concerns or physical limitations that won't allow you to bend and twist in a traditional garden. Or maybe you live on a rental property where you want a garden, but it can't be a permanent installation. No worries You can be a gardener, and you can do it with raised beds

Raised bed gardens are a great way to address any of these restrictions, and with the development of compact varieties of many common garden plants, you can grow almost anything you'd normally see in a traditional native soil garden. By definition, a raised bed garden is any garden that utilizes materials to create a planting space that sits above the elevation of the ground, and the only limit on what you can build is your imagination. Raised bed gardens can be built from a variety of materials, eliminate much of the guesswork of soil quality, and will provide a rewarding hobby you'll enjoy for years to come.

In This Book You Will Learn:

✓ Raised Bed Gardening

✓ Designing and Building a Raised Bed Garden

✓ Choosing Plant Varieties That Thrive in Raised Beds

✓ Easy Planting and Maintenance Techniques

✓ Planting Your Seedlings

✓ Watering for Maximum Plant Health

✓ Fertilizer and Compost for Optimum Growth

✓ Dealing with Weeds, Pests, and Pathogens

✓ Maximize Space with Vertical Growing

✓ Harvesting and Overwintering

✓ On Basic Botany and Being a Gardener

✓ The Four Elements of Basic Botany


✓ Traditional Vegetable Gardening

✓ Designing and Building a Traditional Garden

✓ Choosing Seeds and Plants for Beginners and Novices

✓ Troubleshooting Weeds, Pests, and Disease

✓ How to prevent and treat insect and pathogen problems

✓ How to use crop rotation, vertical gardening, and succession planting to maximize space

✓ How to harvest food and flowers for use in the home

✓ How to use companion planting for the benefit of your garden

✓ How to attract beneficial insects and other organisms to your plants and soil

✓ How to keep a garden journal to record your activities for future planning

And much more

So if you're ready to open your eyes to a whole new perspective on gardening and the natural world, you need to open up Gardening, today. If you want to learn the whys and the hows of being a great gardener, then this is the book for you. What are you waiting for? The joys, challenges, and rewards of having an amazing garden are right at your fingertips, so get your copy and see for yourself how incredible Gardening can be.

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