Siddhartha: Deluxe Edition (Illustrated) (Paperback)

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This Deluxe Edition, beautifully designed to be collected and given as a gift to your loved ones, includes:

  • the unabridged manuscript;
  • more than 30 questions to take you to reflect and deepen your reading;
  • 18 timeless lessons that will take root in your heart and grow there for a lifetime;
  • 31 enchanting positive affirmations to brighten your day and begin your path to enlightenment.
  • a selection of images of Buddhist sacred places

Embrace the boundless wisdom of Siddhartha and explore the journey to enlightenment.

Imbued with the ancient wisdom of Buddhis teachings, Siddhartha is a profound and illuminating book which details one man's journey to enlightenment and self-discovery. Renowned for its simple and lyrical style, which artfully draws readers in while dissolving complex ideas into a relatable form, this classic book seeks to provide readers with a powerful look at Eastern spirituality in a way that will inspire and empower.

Now, this wonderful republishing immortalizes Hermann Hesse's words for a modern audience, providing a gripping new look at this timeless book. Reflecting the author's passion for Indian philosophy and spirituality, the Siddhartha presents universal themes and fundamental spiritual concepts to readers in a way that resonates deep within their souls.

Perfect for fans of Eastern spirituality and philosophy, or simply for anyone who is searching for answers to life's most pressing and confusing questions, this book will open your eyes and mind to the beautiful and intricate world of Buddhism, offering you a source of intellectual and spiritual nourishment which will stick with you long after you finish reading.

Scroll up and buy now to embrace the wisdom of Buddhism today.

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ISBN: 9781801200042
ISBN-10: 1801200041
Publisher: Golden Classics Publishing
Publication Date: January 15th, 2021
Pages: 112
Language: English