Transport Properties of Concrete: Measurements and Applications (Hardcover)

Transport Properties of Concrete: Measurements and Applications By Peter A. Claisse Cover Image

Transport Properties of Concrete: Measurements and Applications (Hardcover)


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Transport Properties of Concrete covers how to measure the ability of ions and fluids to move through concrete material, and how to use the results to model performance. These transport properties largely determine the durability of concrete and of steel embedded within it, as well as the effectiveness of structures such as landfill containment barriers.

The book begins by explaining in detail what transport properties are and how to write computer models for transport processes. Early chapters present and explain computer models written in basic code. Coverage then proceeds to a wide range of tests for the transport properties of concrete, and methods for calculating the values for these properties from the test results using analytical and numerical models. The final chapters then show how the values obtained can be used to predict the durability of reinforced concrete, to model the effect of gas pressure, and to model waste containment structures. A number of practical examples are given, in which the calculations and computer models have been applied to real experimental data.

Transport Properties of Concrete provides a comprehensive examination of the subject, and will be of use to all concerned with the durability and effectiveness of concrete structures.

Product Details ISBN: 9781782423065
ISBN-10: 1782423060
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing
Publication Date: May 20th, 2014
Pages: 312
Language: English
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