The Woman Who Picked Up Her Child (Paperback)

The Woman Who Picked Up Her Child By Pamela Frey Cover Image

The Woman Who Picked Up Her Child (Paperback)


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The experience of sexual abuse in childhood is the ultimate betrayal of trust a child can endure, with impacts that ripple throughout the Survivor's life. Without healing, Survivors carry the trauma and shame of their abuse forward, with often devastating consequences for themselves and their loved one for generations.

Pamela Frey is an expert on healing from childhood sexual abuse in a creative and transformative way as this has been her personal journey. She offers her experiences in this extraordinary book, where she describes how she, along with the help and guidance of her therapist, bravely and courageously faces her memories of abuse and the shame that chained her to it. She also shares the unique strategies and tools she created for healing and coping day-to-day with the lingering impacts of her trauma.

This remarkable and authentic story will help Survivors, healers and allies discover creative ways to journey from trauma to healing.

Product Details ISBN: 9781777494001
ISBN-10: 1777494001
Publisher: Pamela Frey
Publication Date: September 12th, 2022
Pages: 182
Language: English