Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief: How to Heal When You Are Alone (Paperback)

Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief: How to Heal When You Are Alone By Shireen Anne Jeejeebhoy Cover Image

Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief: How to Heal When You Are Alone (Paperback)


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Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief is the self-help book people with brain injury have been waiting for. Shireen Jeejeebhoy draws on her experience seeking treatments that heal neurons and her post-traumatic stress disorder. She's done the research to provide a road map for people looking to recover from brain injury and the subsequent trauma and brain injury grief. Brain injury grief is hardly addressed by health care professionals, but having personally experienced it and having to develop her own therapeutic process to heal, she provides step-by-step Action Plans to start the healing.

Healing from a brain injury often focuses on strategies and rest, but what no one addresses is the other injuries-the emotional trauma that accompanies the aftermath of living with a brain injury-and the effect of not healing the neurons.

Loneliness is pervasive even when surrounded by people. One traumatic event or a series changed the future. Family and friends experienced the initial trauma as well, but how they experienced it can result in modifying their behavior around their injured loved one, consciously or subconsciously pulling away, or not having the tools or wherewithal to help them cope through the isolation and deep feelings of loss.

Jeejeebhoy understands what people are really looking for is recovery that's true recovery. Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief offers hope, inspiration, and actionable tools to help people with brain injury cope with the emotional strain of brain injury, heal their grief and treat their neurons, and discover forgiveness, healing, and light in the darkness.

With this brilliant and compassionate map-a complement to Jeejeebhoy's memoir and Concussion Is Brain Injury website-the reader will be able to step onto the road to reclaiming their life and healing emotionally.

Product Details ISBN: 9781775351498
ISBN-10: 1775351491
Publisher: SA Jeejeebhoy
Publication Date: November 16th, 2022
Pages: 298
Language: English