Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari Vol. 2 (Paperback)


Tsukumogami can be dangerous, as Hyoma, a fledgling Saenome, has seen firsthand. After moving in with Botan, a young woman with six tsukumogami caretakers, he has to admit that there may be exceptions—but he’s still on high alert. When he learns of Botan’s true role in the world of tsukumogami, he decides he’ll need to step up in order to protect her. And when Botan’s family sees his true power, they decide he might be just the right person…to marry Botan!
Onigunsou is a manga creator in Japan best known for the manga series Hitogatana and Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari.
Product Details ISBN: 9781685796808
ISBN-10: 168579680X
Publisher: Seven Seas
Publication Date: April 11th, 2023
Pages: 194
Language: English
Series: Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari