The Coming of the Antichrist Study Guide (Paperback)

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The Coming of the Antichrist Study Guide (Paperback)


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What You Need To Know About the Antichrist

People talk often about the coming of Jesus, but once Christ has come for His Church, the Bible says the Antichrist will be revealed to the world. In one split second, this "man of lawlessness" will come out of hiding and will go public. The reign of this individual will bring rot and ruin into every sphere of society as a last-days mutiny is waged against God.

In this ten-part series, Rick Renner delves into this end-times subject like you've never heard it before. Basing his teaching mostly on First Thessalonians, Rick explores verses that are difficult to understand and makes them simple for you to comprehend.

Since we are living at the very end of the age, we need to know what is coming. If you are interested in what the Bible says about it, this is one series you need to digest

In this series, Rick answers:

  • Who is the Antichrist?
  • What are his characteristics?
  • What will he be like when he shows up?
  • When will he be revealed to the world?
  • What is stopping him from being revealed right now?

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Publication Date: March 1st, 2021
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