The Seven Deadly Sins Omnibus 12 (Vol. 34-36) (Paperback)

Ride forth into the magical world of Britannia with a new 3-in-1 omnibus version of the manga that inspired the most popular Netflix Original Anime worldwide! This book includes Vols. 34-36 of The Seven Deadly Sins manga, in a special, large size.


Estarossa continues his path of destruction with the power of three Commandments and his sights set on more. Both his enemies and former allies realize their only chance of defeating him is to work together. Will their strategy be enough, or does the secret to victory lie in Estarossa's connection to Gowther? Meanwhile, in Purgatory, Meliodas and Ban take an ultimate stand against the Demon Lord, after which Ban returns to the land of the living to rejoin The Sins... but where's Meliodas? To save their friend and Captain before darkness consumes him and the world they live in, the six remaining Sins rally together like never before.
Nakaba Suzuki is one of only a few manga artists to have work published in all of the "big three" shonen magazines: Shonen Jump, Shonen Sunday, and Shonen Magazine. The Seven Deadly Sins is his first series to be translated into English.
Product Details ISBN: 9781646519088
ISBN-10: 1646519086
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Publication Date: October 17th, 2023
Pages: 576
Language: English
Series: The Seven Deadly Sins Omnibus