The Seven Deadly Sins Omnibus 10 (Vol. 28-30) (Paperback)

Ride forth into the magical world of Britannia with a new 3-in-1 omnibus version of the manga that inspired the most popular Netflix Original Anime worldwide! This book includes Vols. 28-30 of The Seven Deadly Sins manga, in a special, large size.


With Elizabeth having regained her forgotten memories of her past life, Meliodas can no longer conceal the details of the curse that binds them together. While trying to break the curse that keeps the two trapped in a neverending cycle of immortality and rebirth, Meliodas has his emotions robbed by the Demon Lord. Diane, King, and Gowther travel to Camelot to free the townspeople from the Ten Commandments' control. Meanwhile, Meliodas must face his former master, the Pacifier Demon Chandler, and Ban enters Purgatory in an attempt at reclaiming Meliodas's lost emotions.
Nakaba Suzuki is one of only a few manga artists to have work published in all of the "big three" shonen magazines: Shonen Jump, Shonen Sunday, and Shonen Magazine. The Seven Deadly Sins is his first series to be translated into English.
Product Details ISBN: 9781646517268
ISBN-10: 1646517261
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Publication Date: June 13th, 2023
Pages: 576
Language: English
Series: The Seven Deadly Sins Omnibus