The Spirit of the Anti-Christ (Paperback)

The Spirit of the Anti-Christ By Minister Robert Johnson Cover Image

The Spirit of the Anti-Christ (Paperback)


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This is a very revealing and enlightening book about the anti-christ. Pastor Robert Johnson has sought to inform the reader on a biblical level, which is what matters most. He has brought together the scriptures from various passages in the Bible and place them in context to give those who desire a better understanding of the mystery of the anti-christ, his going forth upon the earth and his end.

In this book, Robert Johnson goes to great length to employ sound hermeneutics and exercises great care to exegete the scriptures properly. As Robert mentions, this book will offend some, but for those who are truly seeking a better understanding of this "mystery" found in God's Word it is an enlightening and in-depth study of the "mystery of Iniquity." If there is one book of prophecy you read this year let it be this one. I strongly encourage Christians and serious students of the Bible to read it.

Pastor Clifford

Little Green's Tabernacle Baptist Church

Macon, Georgia

Product Details ISBN: 9781642588811
ISBN-10: 1642588814
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: June 29th, 2018
Pages: 226
Language: English