Norse Goddess Magic: Trancework, Mythology, and Ritual (Paperback)

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Norse Goddess Magic: Trancework, Mythology, and Ritual (Paperback)

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A practical guide to the magic of the feminine side of the Norse pantheon

• Provides invocations and rituals to call each goddess forth for personal and group spirit work

• Details the author’s trancework to discover the personalities and powers of Frigg the Allmother, wife of Odin, and the 12 lesser-known Aesir goddesses associated with her

• Offers a comprehensive guide to tranceworking to connect with the deities

Combining traditional research on folklore and the Eddas with trancework and meditation techniques, Alice Karlsdóttir was able to rediscover the feminine side of the Norse pantheon and assemble working knowledge of 13 Norse goddesses for both group ritual and personal spirit work.

Detailing her trancework journeys to connect with the goddesses, the author reveals the long-lost personalities and powers of each deity. She explores the Norse goddess Frigg the Allmother, wife of Odin, along with the 12 Asynjur, or Aesir goddesses, associated with her, such as Sjofn the peacemaker, Eir the Healer, and Vor the Wisewoman. She shares their appearances in the Eddas and Germanic mythology and explains the meanings of their names, their relationships to each other, and their connections to the roles of women in Old Norse society. She provides detailed instructions for invocations and rituals to call each goddess forth for personal and group spirit work. She also offers a comprehensive guide to ritual tranceworking to allow anyone to directly experience deities and spiritual beings and develop spirit-work relationships with them.
Alice Karlsdóttir has been involved in the Germanic Heathen revival for nearly 40 years, both as a student of Scandinavian and Northern European mythology and folklore and as a practicing Norse Pagan (Asatru). She is a Master in the Rune Gild, an initiatic organization for the teaching and research of runelore and runework, and has been a priestess in several kindreds. She has contributed articles to a number of publications, including Gnosis Magazine, as well as given workshops and presentations on runes, tranceworking, and ritual at various festivals. She lives in Houston, Texas.

Product Details ISBN: 9781620554074
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Publisher: Destiny Books
Publication Date: May 8th, 2015
Pages: 256
Language: English
Norse Goddess Magic is a powerful, evocative, and above all practical book by a highly qualified author. Alice Karlsdóttir was involved in the Germanic religious revival in America from its earliest days, and her insights will be valuable for anyone desiring to experience the goddesses of the ancient and eternal North.”
— Stephen McNallen, founder of the Asatru Folk Assembly

“In this important and original work Alice Karlsdóttir, a leading expert on Norse religion, makes new and dramatic teachings available and applies these methods in a practical way in order that the ancient Norse goddesses can speak directly to those who seek their ageless wisdom. This book is something that can guide practitioners in all traditions in a process of esoteric discovery of what lies hidden in often obscure and scant mythological references. She concentrates on the often neglected goddesses of the Norse pantheon, especially the goddess Frigg. The teachings pioneered by this author show the way to move from the known to the unknown and shine a light that illuminates the darkness.”
— Stephen Flowers, Ph.D., author of Icelandic Magic and Lords of the Left-Hand Path

“Karlsdóttir’s accessible, practical, and engaging guide to the goddesses of the Norse tradition covers not only the mother goddess Frigg but many of the lesser-known deities as well. By studying myth, reading ancient texts, and engaging in trancework you can experience these ancient archetypes yourself and strengthen your connection with them. Karlsdóttir explains the necessary steps to enter the trance state and embark upon an enjoyable journey and safe return. She introduces thirteen Norse goddesses, among them healers, protectors, counselors, and messengers. Norse Goddess Magic: Trancework, Mythology, and Ritual is a wonderful addition to any library and will enrich your knowledge of mythology, magic, and the Divine Feminine.”
— Skye Alexander, author of The Modern Guide to Witchcraft and Sex Magic for Beginners

“Alice Karlsdóttir brings the thirteen Norse goddesses of the Aesir alive within us through her research but especially through her teachings of trance. She shows us how to experience each goddess personally and the values each has to teach. The values taught by each goddess take the meaning of compassion, nurturance, and protection to a much deeper level of our soul, the soul of the family, the community, and of our Great Earth Mother.”
— Nicholas E. Brink, Ph.D., author of Baldr’s Magic: The Power of Norse Shamanism and Ecstatic T

There is a lot to glean from Norse Goddess Magic. Whether you are new to Heathenry, an experienced practitioner, or even from a different branch of Reconstructionist spirituality, it is a worthy addition to your collection.
— Spiral Nature