Jerusalem Gates (Paperback)

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Jerusalem Gates (Paperback)


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Jerusalem is no ordinary place. It is a symbolic city. David, the most revered king of Israel, captured the city and established it as the capital of Israel approximately 3000 years ago. His son King Solomon built the glorious and first temple in the city. The preservation and focus of Jerusalem through centuries past to the present are not accidents. God has kept Jerusalem throughout many wars and battles. Jerusalem is the city that God has chosen for Himself to put His name.

Jerusalem Gates examines the significance of the twelve gates built-in the walls around Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah. The significant spiritual truths for both the individual's Christian life as well as God's prophetic plan for the ages are revealed. The order and position of each gate tell the story of God's plan for people of every generation and the individual decisions that we must take to fulfil His preferred destiny for our lives.

The book is divided into three sections:

Section One provides insights into the early history of East Jerusalem, its wars, challenges, defeats, victories, sites, prophesies, and the opening of the embassy of the United States of America there on May 14, 2018. The views of Scriptures about Jerusalem are also shared.

Section Two explains the significance of each of the twelve gates which were strategically located and named.

You will learn about:

-the sacrificial Lamb at the sheep gate;

-the work of the Holy Spirit at the fountain gate:

-the tried, tested and proven sword of the Holy Spirit and its effect on your life at the water gate;

-the return of Jesus Christ and your need to live with hope for His return at the east gate;

You will also learn how to:

-receive the "crown of rejoicing" at the fish Gate;

-be holy, obtain the legacy of our fathers in the faith, and get your "ministry call from God" at the old gate;

-walk through the valleys of trials, tribulations. difficulties and troubles that will come your way and how to overcome should your "Gethsemane" be turned into a garden of suffering, betrayal, agony, abandonment, and loneliness at the valley gate;

-eliminate the impediments, mental clutter and distractions that would hinder you from running the race of life to win "gold" at the dung gate;

-battle and overcome the daily spiritual warfare that you encounter at the horse gate;

-live our lives with eternity's values in view at the inspection gate;

-appreciate the great hymns and songs that kept the heroes of our faith through the years, and more.

Section Three takes you through an exciting adventure into and life-changing insights about the new Jerusalem, its inhabitants, size, foundations, walls, and twelve gates. It is the eternal city of righteousness and peace and is built by God. At the heart of the book is the Christian's journey through eleven of the gates to fulfil his or her God-directed destiny.

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