Psychic Development: Develop Psychic Abilities, Auras, Third Eye, Empath +1 BONU (Paperback)

Psychic Development: Develop Psychic Abilities, Auras, Third Eye, Empath +1 BONU By Valerie W. Holt Cover Image

Psychic Development: Develop Psychic Abilities, Auras, Third Eye, Empath +1 BONU (Paperback)


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4 Psychic Books + 1 Bonus Book Included Do You Want to Master Your Psychic Abilities?Good-Get Started by Buying This Book

This Psychic Bundle Includes:

Psychic: How to Unlock Your Psychic Abilities and Enhance IntuitionAuras: Essential Beginner's Guide to Seeing, Feeling, and KnowingEmpath: How to Flourish as an EmpathThird Eye: Proven Techniques to Increase Intuition and Psychic AwarenessBONUS Book: Third Eye: The Forgotten History of the Third Eye in the Ancient Americas

Psychic: Unlock Your Psychic Abilities Immediately

"Everyone is born with psychic abilities. It's just a matter of knowing how to tap into it"

- Julien Offray de La Mettrie

Most people don't know that their psychic abilities were given to them at birth. It seems odd, but it's true, we all have some magnitude of psychic abilities. The magnitude of your psychic abilities is proportional to your willingness to unlock them. Today, you're going to tap into your psychic powers by reading this book.

In this book, Valerie will show you the fundamentals of psychic development, psychic guidance, and how to unlock your psychic abilities. This is not your usual psychic book that talks about psychic theories. You will have actionable steps you can take in your daily life to increase your psychic abilities.

Auras: The #1 Guide to Seeing Feeling, and Knowing Auras

Discvoer the Realm of Auras

In this book, Valerie will discuss how you can start seeing, feeling, and knowing people, specifically their auras, at a moments notice

Empath: Discover How to Flourish in Your Life As An EMPATH

Have you ever felt that you could feel what others felt? Do you have really strong connections with people? Have you ever been called overly sensitive? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be an empath. Empaths have been around for ages. Mahatma Gandhi was an empath.

Empaths have become misunderstood; many are called, wimpy, weak, fragile, temperamental, or melodramatic. They play a very important part in society and deserve to be respected better than they are.

Third Eye: Discover how to Awaken Your Third Eye

Do you find yourself having relationship problems? Do you sleep with artificial lighting? Are you wondering how those two things are related? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you.

The third eye has been a mystery to man for a long time. It is capable of helping people to achieve great things. In this book, you will learn how to open your third eye which will help you to see into different realms and allow you to see things in a differently.

Bonus Book: Discover the Forgotten History of the Third Eye

Do you ever wonder how The Third Eye, the sixth of the seven chakras, came to fruition? Did you know that the Third Eye was held in high regard in Ancient Civilizations?

The Third Eye is an esoteric concept that refers to an invisible eye that offers vision beyond ordinary perception. In Hindu, spiritual tradition, it's referred to as Anja energy or chakra. Eastern religions have always recognized the Third Eye as mystic, making it an integral part of Indian, Chinese, Buddhist and other Asian cultures.

Every teaching in metaphysics, including being awake in dreams, walking between multiple realities and transcending limitations has its doctrines firmly entrenched in the Third Eye symbolism. It is considered the fundamental building block of the entire spectrum of psychic skills.

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