Baltic Garden: Renovating for different Purposes: Climatic changes. Reuse of natural resources. (Paperback)

Baltic Garden: Renovating for different Purposes: Climatic changes. Reuse of natural resources. Cover Image
By Gitte Ahrenkiel (Photographer), Gitte Ahrenkiel
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Whatever the reason might be, weather patterns are changing. Compared to other parts of the world - the Baltic area is a relatively harmless spot. No tornadoes, no earthquakes, no hurricanes, no wildfires and no tsunamis. However, heavy rainfalls have become more frequent. Winter seasons have over the past few decades become more windy. Summers are for long periods marked by intense heatwaves and droughts. All in all, the climate changes affect our homes and our gardens. This book relates to following topics: MAKING USE OF CLIMATIC RESOURCES Due to increasing interest in Wind Power - not least prompted by COP21 in Paris - it is likely that Gedser Wind Turbine will get the attention, she rightly deserves - being the "mother of all wind mills". The mill is in fact standing on our property. Our mission is to draw attention to the mill's importance and appeal for it to be included on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Increased rainfall also constitutes a natural resource which should be utilized. The roof of our barn spans over 120 square meters. According to Rainwater Harvest Calculator - roof area of 120 m2 - by rainfall of 9 mm - accumulates 972 liters rainwater. In a series of images, the setup and preparation of a rain water collector are described. GARDEN DESIGN - CLIMATE ADAPTATION The assumption that high hedges provide shelter from the wind - does not apply to our garden. Therefore, systematic trimming of hedges, shrubs and trees. As well as making use of trees as natural fence posts. The posts are rooted and can withstand strong winds and blowing snow. Since we have recently received a license to operate a farm shop, the aim for re-designing the garden, is also to make room for growing ginkgo. Here, too, the climatic conditions play an important role. ___________________ Other topics: FIGHTING JAPANESE KNOTWEED WHAT DOES A RAT AND A TOAD HAVE IN COMMON? FLOCKS OF GOLDCREST FLY INTO WINDOWS DO NOT GIVE UP ON WEATHER-BEATEN OLD DOORS IDENTIFYING SOURCE OF MOLD ON INNER WALL PLATFORM SUITABLE FOR MANY PURPOSES (drainage, replacement of steps too high for children and elderly people, safe foot hold in snowy weather...)

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Born and based in Denmark. Journalist, publisher, portrait-painter.

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