Hiisi Fits: Mennonite Soul Journey (Paperback)

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Hiisi Fits is a fascinating mix of mythology, symbolism, and actual occurrences woven into the fabric of one woman's history of abuse by family, strangers, community and larger society largely born of religious dictates and ancestral history. Anna's mind refuses to accept the inability of her spouse to empathize and repeatedly resolves to find a solution to that problem, that is, until her life is threatened. Anna is captured in a personal hell of opposites creating a trap of confusion that only the gods can unravel. Intellectual knowledge fails her as she attempts to clear away the clouds to make sense of her world. The veil of confusion is lifted by a soul whisperer.

About the Author

Norma Klassen has a degree in Social Work and Life. She is a voracious reader and more recently, writer, as this is her 1st published writing. Born into an Old Order Mennonite family in Southern Saskatchewan, Canada, a farming community where the saying, You can see your dog run away for three days, must have originated because the statement is more fact than fiction. Norma resides in Alberta, Canada.

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ISBN: 9781500928346
ISBN-10: 1500928348
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 7th, 2015
Pages: 168
Language: English