Breeding Berghia Nudibranches the best kept secret (Paperback)

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When it comes to getting rid of the pesky and prolific Aiptasia from a reef tank the little nudibranches known as the Berghia are certainly the superheroes of the hobby, only because Aiptasia is all that they eat Their appetite for this dreaded pest makes them extremely sought after by hobbyists. However, the problem is that breeding them has always been very labour intensive and with relatively small yields. Until now In this book you'll learn what doesn't work and what does In fact, you can follow through the step-by-step tutorial on building a proven breeding system for producing hundreds and even thousands of these wonderful little nudibranches. This system designed, built and proven by the author is the secret to successfully breeding this organism in large quantities with relatively low daily system maintenance. But it doesn't stop there The modular system design covers the breeding system for three levels of enthusiasts; the hobbyist, the hobbyist/entrepreneur and a light commercial system for turning your breeding operation into a full time business. So grab the book and a cup of coffee and learn to breed the Berghia nudibranch for both fun and profit The best kept secret is out.

About the Author

Author Dene Banger is an experienced saltwater hobbyist that turned a passion into a small aquaculture business. Applying his experience from years of automotive engineering with his passion for breeding marine organisms he designed and built his own systems and has successfully bred several species of seahorses, the Banggai Cardinalfish and the Berghia nudibranch.

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