Cloche Gardening (Paperback)

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This antiquarian volume contains a detailed guide to growing plants and vegetables under cloches, with information on a wide variety of vegetables, maintenance, repair, commercial work, cuttings, fruits, and much more. Complete with helpful illustrations and a wealth of practical information and tips, this text is ideal for the discerning horticulturalist with an interest in cloche gardening. The chapters of this book include: 'Principles of Cloche Gardening', 'Soil management', 'Design and Development', 'Planning a Cloche Garden', 'Seed Sowing', 'Green Salads', 'Peas and Beans', 'Root Crops', 'Brassicas', 'Sweet Corn', 'Onions', 'Other Vegetables Cloched in Spring', 'Tomatoes'... and much more. We are proud to republish this vintage book, now complete with a new and specially commissioned introduction on gardening.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781447450504
ISBN-10: 1447450507
Publisher: Caven Press
Publication Date: April 5th, 2012
Pages: 218
Language: English