Cage of Shadows (Hardcover)

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In an age of myth, four characters struggle to rise above their families and pasts amidst a landscape of wonder, despair, war, and love.

The second book in a trilogy about unbreakable bonds, powerless characters discovering their own power, and powerful characters realizing their weaknesses, Cage of Shadows is an action adventure story that features four protagonists from different segments of a ruthlessly expanding empire.

Violence, beauty, and forged, unbreakable bonds in an age of myth. Four very different people will rise, and empires will fall.

Who-or what-will you choose, when the shadows close around you?

Taline will do anything to get back to Nin. Rone will do anything to keep the scepter from the emperor's hand. Nin will do anything to leave her past behind as she is forced to confront it amid bloody battlefields, relentless assassins, and the emperor's glittering and diabolical court.

And Kaveh, as he wrecks worlds with Nin at his side... Kaveh starts to think he will do anything to bind Nin to him permanently.

Madness lurks, bonds of steel are forged, power reigns, and loyalty is put to the ultimate test.

And to all, beware-the House of Scepters never died.

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ISBN: 9780998520667
ISBN-10: 0998520667
Publisher: Excelsine Press
Publication Date: September 18th, 2020
Pages: 628
Language: English