Sex Spells: The Magical Path to Erotic Bliss (Hardcover)

Sex Spells: The Magical Path to Erotic Bliss Cover Image

Sex Spells: The Magical Path to Erotic Bliss (Hardcover)

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Whether you are looking for a simple love charm to beguile the object of your affections, or a potion to increase the length and intensity of your orgasm, this book will guide you through the most effective sex spells and how to use them responsibly. This handsome hardback book, crammed full of easy-to-follow spells, shows you how to harness the extraordinary powers of herbs, potions, rituals, and amulets to reach new levels of sexual ecstasy.

It is no surprise that sex and magic have become entwined, as people have been trying to improve their love lives by magical means for as long as the erotic arts have existed. Even in our modern-day society, more and more people are discovering how to harness mystical forces to enhance their sex lives.

Sex Spells is a beautifully produced and elegantly designed book, which takes a fascinating look at the world of magic and the sexual arts.

After being entranced by the fairy and folk tales of her youth, Stella Damiana immersed herself in the ancient world of magical traditions. She currently splits her time between London her home in southern England, enacting goddess rituals, tending herbs in her garden, and touring the ancient monuments of Europe.
Product Details ISBN: 9780738711034
ISBN-10: 0738711039
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Publication Date: January 1st, 2007
Pages: 160
Language: English