Chris Notes! A Set of Notes for Introductory Statistics (Paperback)

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Chris Notes! A Set of Notes for Introductory Statistics (Paperback)


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Chris Notes A Set Of Notes For Introductory Statistics is a set of notes I wrote to help students taking a first course in statistics, typically the first year or semester. All the important definitions, formulas, and step-by-step procedures are carefully explained, and plenty of examples illustrate all the major concepts. Topics include:
Types of data and interpreting graphs
Summary statistics, Empirical Rule, box plots, Z-scores
Linear regression, association, relative risk
Sampling methods, observational studies, experimental designs
Discrete distributions, binomial distribution, normal distribution
Sampling distribution of sample means and proportions
Confidence intervals for population proportion and mean; estimating sample size
Hypothesis testing for population proportion and mean, Type I and Type II errors, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals for linear regression
Hypothesis testing and confidence intervals for matched pairs design, difference of proportions, difference of means
Chi-square goodness of fit test, independence test, and population variance
F-test for ratio of variances, one-way ANOVA
Appendices include important statistical formulas, TI-84 commands, normal table, T table, chi-square table, and F tables

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Publisher: Christopher O'Neal
Publication Date: August 13th, 2019
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