Kinsey: Sex the Measure of All Things (Paperback)

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. . . a sympathetic, insightful and highly readable story. . . . Gathorne-Hardy
. . . shows us a very human and fallible but ultimately likable Kinsey, impatient and irritable at times, stubborn, willful, certainly a monomaniac about his research interests, whether gall wasps or human sexuality. --New York Times Book Review

. . . revises the] revisionism and presents Kinsey in an altogether more favorable light . . . a humane and indefatigable sex educator, as well as an unfairly maligned martyr of American priggishness. . . . --Salon

Gathorne-Hardy's literate, major biography of Kinsey is the first to give a balanced portrait of one of this century's pioneering researchers and social reformers. The author interviewed in depth surviving family members, close colleagues, friends, and lovers. In this subtle, often witty, penetrating book, he reveals not just a series of new revelations, but whole new aspects of this complex, difficult, contradictory, heroic, obsessive, and ultimately sympathetic man.

About the Author

Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy served as a consultant during the filming of the motion picture Kinsey. He is author of The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny and lives in England.

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ISBN: 9780253217264
ISBN-10: 0253217261
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Publication Date: October 1st, 2004
Pages: 513
Language: English